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Award Nominations – Fall deadline September 26, 2022 

Minnesota NAHRO honors its leaders in the affordable housing industry by presenting four unique awards throughout the year. 

Each year, the Allan Anderson Award of Merit and the Housing & Community Development Achievement Award are presented at the Spring Conference. The Outstanding Achievement Award and the Conrad Rettmer Award for Commissioners are presented at the Fall Conference.

For 2022, we are returning to presenting two awards at both our conferences.  This Fall, the awards will be presented during our evening banquet on Wednesday, October 12 at Madden’s Conference Center.  For specific details on each award and past recipients, please refer to the award categories below.

All nominations should be sent via email to Jill Keppers, Senior Vice President, Minnesota NAHRO

  • Duluth HRA, 222 E.  Second St., PO Box 16900, Duluth Minnesota 55816-0900
  • Ph: 218-529-6300,
  • Email: [email protected]

Allan Anderson Award of Merit (Spring)


Housing & Community Development Achievement Award (Spring)


Outstanding Achievement Award (Fall)


Conrad Rettmer Award for Commissioners (Fall)


Allan Anderson Award of Merit


The Allan Anderson Award of Merit award was established in 1979 to recognize an individual who is a member of the Chapter and has distinguished themselves with excellence and leadership in their career in housing and/or community development.

Persons nominated for this award should exemplify the dedication and leadership needed to serve their community and its people in providing affordable housing and community development activities.

Previous Award Recipients

Michele Snickter, 2021 – Louise Reis, 2020 – Terri Smith, 2019 – Barbara Dacy, 2018 – Randal Hemmerlin, 2017 – Jill Bengtson, 2016 – Gordan Grabow, 2015 – Al Glaeseman, 2014 – Al Hester, 2013 – Kari Gill, 2012 – Jeffrey Schiffman, 2011 – Jon Ford, 2010 -Diane Larson, 2009 -Jim Standish, 2008 – Dorothy Gaffaney, 2007 – Hank Petro, 2006 – Leslie Henson, 2005 – Jeffrey Gaffaney, 2004 – Lee Meier, 2003 – Bruce Nordquist, 2002 – Richard Ball, 2001 – Kermit Mahan, 2000 – Jon Gutzmann, 1999 – Stan Thurlow, 1998 – Joseph Wheeler, 1997 – Mark Ulfers, 1996 – Branna Lindell, 1995 – Mary Beling, 1994 – Dorothy Davey, 1993 – Dennis Balyeat, 1992 – Dean Otterson, 1991 – Jerrold Boardman, 1990 – Eugene Malis, 1989 – Patricia Gustafson, 1988 – William Kemp, 1987 – Dennis Daniels, 1986 – Bill Smolensky, 1985 – Bill Seager, 1984 – Gerald Eilers, 1983 – Alice Nettel, 1982 – Nan McKay, 1981 – Richard Humes, 1980

Housing & Community Development Achievement Award


The Housing and Community Development Achievement Award was established in 1982 to recognize an individual who is not a member of the Chapter, but has significantly contributed to the success of the Chapter and the housing and community development programs operated by the membership.

Persons nominated for this award may be from the public, non-profit or private sectors that have positively impacted the field of housing and/or community development.

Previous Award Recipients

Dana Kitchen, 2021 – Kevin Walli, 2020 – David Schlucther, 2019 – Mary Dobbins, 2018 – Barbara Portwood, 2017 – Molly Krakowski, 2016 – Stephen Gronewald, 2015 – Dan Dege, 2014 – Mark Ruff, 2013 – Kim Brethheim, 2012 – Rita Ander, 2011 – Michael Patenaude, 2010 – Robert Odman, 2009 – Warren Hanson, 2008 – Chip Halbach, 2007 – Nan McKay, 2006 – James Ehrenberg, 2005 – Kathy Hahne, 2004 – Pauline Carlson, 2003 – Katherine Hadley, 2002 – Deborah Kravik, 2001 – Leona Humphrey, 2000 – Dan Larson, 1999 – Betty Jones, 1998 – Gloria Bostrom, 1997 – Louis Jambois, 1996 – Gene Ranieri, 1995 – Jay Jenson, 1994 – Tom Fulton, 1993 – Lyn Burton, 1992 – Ray Meyer, 1991 – Steve Johnson, 1990 – Steve Keefe, 1989 – James Solem, 1988 – Joseph Gabler, 1987 – George Latimer, 1986 – Thomas Feeney, 1985 – James Holmes, 1984 – Orville Freeman, 1983 – Phil Cohen, 1982

Outstanding Achievement Award


The Outstanding Achievement Award was established in 1985 to recognize an individual member of the Chapter who in their housing and or community development career, has had outstanding achievements during the past year, and shows promise of continued success. 

Previous Award Recipients

Tammy Johnson, 2021 – Dana Hiltunen, Virginia HRA – 2020; Melissa Taphorn, Washington County CDA – 2019; Judith Osbakken, Two Harbors HRA – 2018; Tony Schertler, Dakota County CDA – 2017; Cheryl Jacobson, Olmsted County HRA – 2016; Jennifer Keogh, Metropolitan Council – 2015; Carol Schultz, Duluth HRA – 2014; Dominic Mitchell, St. Paul PHA – 2013, Dara Lee, Clay County HRA – 2012, Emajean Zwieg, Douglas County HRA-2011; Andrea Brennan, Washington County HRA-2010; Jeff Hess, Alexandria HRA- 2009; Rich Malloy, Washington County HRA-2008; Robert Schreier, City of Brooklyn Park-2007; DeeAnna Bakken, Jackson HRA-2006; Barbara Dacy, Washington Co. HRA-2005; Linda Larsen, Renville County HRA-2004; Beth Reetz, Metropolitan Council HRA-2003; Marshall Weems, St. Cloud HRA-2002; Roseann Stang, St. Cloud HRA-2001; William Jaffa, Scott County HRA-2000; Patti Ziegler, Mankato HRA-1999; Kari Gill, Dakota Co. CDA-1998; Dick Grabko, Red Wing HRA-1997; Theresa Fogarty, Olmsted County HRA-1996; Dan Sartell, Wadena HRA-1995; Sheila Smith, Brainerd HRA-1994; Julie Frick, Carver County HRA-1993; Kit Hadley, MHFA-1992;  Rosie Rogers, Worthington HRA-1991; Amy Hildebrand, Clay County HRA-1990; Kerry Knoff, Washington County HRA- 1989; Scott Knutson, Carver County HRA-1988; Carol Jewison, -1987; Mark Ulfers, Dakota County CDA-1986; Thomas McElveen, Waconia HRA-1985.

Conrad Rettmer Award for Commissioners


The Dedicated Service Award for Commissioners was created in 1993 and renamed the Conrad Rettmer Commissioner Award in 2016 to recognize a Commissioner from a member agency who has provided outstanding leadership in their community in the promotion and implementation of affordable housing or community development activities.

Previous Award Recipients

Michael Fossum, Bloomington HRA – 2018; Dan Braam, New Ulm EDA – 2017; Tom Triplett, Washington County HRA – 2016; MerryWayne Elvig, City of Anoka HRA – 2015; Barbara Sanderson, Itasca County HRA – 2014; Dayna Norvold, City of Northfield – 2013, Barbara Sipson – 2012, Conrad Rettmer, Tracy HRA-2011;Michael Engesser, Luverne HRA-2010; Judy Karon, Minneapolis PHA- 2009; Robert Haukoos, Albert Lea-2008; Colleen Landkamer, Mankato EDA/Blue Earth County EDA-2007; Kit Hadley, St. Paul PHA-2006; Andrew Boss, St. Paul PHA-2005; Marjorie Henderson, Scott County HRA-2004; James Alderman, Brainerd HRA-2003; Richard Willits, St. Paul PHA-2002; Edith Bubli, Duluth HRA-2001; Robert Alpers, Dakota County CDA-2000; Michael Podawiltz, St. Cloud HRA-1999; Melvin Brownell, SEMMC HRA-1998; Paul H. Nycklemoe, Fergus Falls HRA-1997; Jon Benson, Worthington HRA-1996; Walt Hartman, St. Louis Park HRA-1995; Carolyn Richards, Olmsted County HRA-1994; and Lillian Micke, St. Paul Public Housing Agency-1993

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