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Membership Matters

With over 400 members, Minnesota NAHRO membership includes agency commissioners, housing authorities, their staff plus non-profit and for-profit partners.

Our member agencies own and operate more than 20,000 public housing units across the state.  In addition, our members administer affordable housing programs such as 31,000 Section 8 vouchers, over 10,000 rural development units, foreclosure prevention, homebuyer education and loan financing.  In the jurisdictions they serve, member agencies also address community revitalization and economic development needs.

The populations served by these programs are often the most vulnerable including:

  • 64 percent of the households are headed by seniors or those with disabilities
  • Nearly 75 percent of the residents of public housing have annual incomes of under $15,000.
  • One-third of public housing residents are children, many of whom are at high risk of homelessness or recently homeless;

Minnesota NAHRO and its member agencies are critical partners at the local level to address community redevelopment.  Every day, the members of Minnesota NAHRO provide affordable housing and livable communities for all Minnesotans through the association of its agency members.

Member Benefits

Minnesota NAHRO offers members an opportunity to sharpen skills, broaden their education, discover a network of knowledge and experience, and become a leader in the field while making a difference.

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Looking Ahead to 2022

Minnesota NAHRO will continue to provide COVID related resources to our members into 2022. Moreover, we expect to continue to deliver on our mission by providing advocacy and professional development.  As a member of Minnesota NAHRO, you will receive discounts on events and access to member only resources. Look for these training and professional development opportunities in the future:

  • New Executive Director Training (Jan/Feb 2022): We have many new Executive Directors throughout the state. To support these new leaders, we will offer a 2-3 day training with a national provider and tailored to Minnesota HRAs.
  • INSPR Training: Once HUD finalizes the new rule, we will offer a training by national experts to ensure your staff have the insights and guidance of a national provider.
  • Commissioner Training at our Spring Conference (May 2022): Our Commissioners have faced many challenges along side staff and we will have a Commissioner track at our Spring Conference to help keep these agency leaders up to date.
  • HUD Handbook 4350 In Depth (Summer 2022): Many of our agencies are governed by HH4350 including those who transitioned out of public housing. This course will be provided by a national trainer and help agencies either new to or in need of a refresher.
  • COVID Resources & Response:
    • Minnesota NAHRO will continue to communicate regularly to share tools and resources to help our members as they respond to the impact of COVID19.  Our Member Updates as well as COVID Conference calls will continue into the new year.
    • Plus we will organize specialized trainings on new federal resources such as the American Recue Plan and Build Back Better to help Minnesota Housing Authorities access and utilize these federal resources.

Why become a member of Minnesota NAHRO?

As a member of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), you join the state’s leading affordable housing and community development organization.  For over 60 years, we have served the state’s housing and community development needs.

Minnesota NAHRO offers members an opportunity to sharpen skills and broaden education, discover a network of knowledge and experience, become a leader in the field and make a difference. In these challenging times, Minnesota NAHRO provides timely information, affordable training, and6 online resources as well as legislative advocacy.

The Value of Membership

The year was dominated COVID and how our members responded to its impact. Minnesota NAHRO worked to support our members during this unprecedented period.


Click here to read our recent Highlights & Annual Report

Membership Rates & Benefits

Minnesota NAHRO provides many resources and professional development to advance our mission. Our goal is to enhance the knowledge and effectiveness of our members through professional development, advocacy and service.

As a member of Minnesota NAHRO, your benefits include:

  • Lead legislative efforts to secure resources for housing authorities at the state and federal level
  • Provide quality training opportunities at conferences and events with discounts for our members
  • Serve as a catalyst for our members to provide feedback on program and administrative concerns with key agencies and policymakers
  • Keep our members informed by providing timely updates and opportunities for members to connect with decision-makers
  • Recognize industry leaders and member accomplishments

Membership Benefits


Member Resources & Benefits

  • Every member receives discounted conference rates (typically 10-15% off) 
  • Provide timely information on issues important to our members including federal & state policy, job postings, funding opportunities, and new resources
  • Publish regular Updates including how HRAs are responding to COVID and Monthly Housing Recaps
  • Provide online resources include an online library of sample forms & policies

Serving Commissioners

  • Minnesota NAHRO provides our Commissioners Handbook with Minnesota specific information and resources (available for $20 each or FREE if you use the flat rate below)
  • We offer a flat rate for Commissioners which means your board becomes individual members of Minnesota NAHRO at a discounted rate 

Scholarship & Recognition

  • Award two post-secondary education scholarships to residents served by the housing programs administered by Minnesota NAHRO agency members
  • “What Homes Means to Me” poster contest showcases the kids served by our member programs and the impact of affordable housing in their lives
  • Recognize excellence in our field with four distinct awards presented throughout the year
  • Opportunity to serve on National. Regional and State NAHRO Committees

Policy & Advocacy

  • Lead legislative efforts to secure resources for housing authorities at the state and federal level
  • Serve as a catalyst for our members to provide feedback on program and administrative concerns with key agencies and policymakers

Membership Info


Membership Sign Up Info

The following information applies to all memberships.

  • The membership year starts on January 1st and runs for one year
  • No automatically recurring payments
  • Each membership category is determined by Minnesota NAHRO’s bylaws while the annual membership rate is set by the Minnesota NAHRO Board of Directors.

If you have any questions or would like to pay by credit card, please contact us at [email protected] or call 651.925.4070.

Membership Types

Agency Membership

Any governmental agency operating primarily housing, community development, or redevelopment programs in the State of Minnesota. Dues are on a sliding scale based on the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees.

Individual Membership

AVAILABLE TO AGENCY MEMBERS ONLY: An individual member is one who is employed by, or appointed to, an active agency, affiliate, or associate member. Your agency must be a member first then you can become an individual or commissioner member to receive the greatest discounts.

Associate Member 

Any for-profit corporation or organization that has an interest in the purposes and activities of the Chapter.

Affiliate Member

Any nonprofit agency, one or two person business or material supplier that has an interest in the purpose and activities of the Chapter.

Flat Rate Commissioner Member

Flat Rate for an Agency Board. Individual memberships for all of your Commissioners for one price. You receive a complimentary copy of the MN Commissioners Handbook & receive training discounts.

New Membership

To sign up for a new agency membership fill out the form on our New Member Sign-Up page and mail your check to Minnesota NAHRO at 555 Wabasha St. N., Suite 245, St. Paul, MN 55102.

Membership Renewal & Manage Account

If your agency already has an account and you would like to renew or update your membership visit our Member Account page.

Other things you can do on this page are add members to an agency’s account, update its profile, and add links to its social media accounts.

Individual Membership

Minnesota NAHRO also offers individual memberships to people who are a part of an agency account. Individual members are eligible to serve on the board and committees along with other benefits.

Individual Memberships are tied to specific people and must be purchased separately from an agency’s account.

To sign up for an individual membership,

  1. login in to your account
  2. Go to our Individual Membership Sign Up page
  3. Complete the form. 

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